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KFC Class Action

Gordon Legal is acting for the SDA and two other lead applicants in the KFC Rest Break Class Action to seek compensation for KFC workers who did not receive 10 minute rest breaks.

KFC Class Action

KFC workers are entitled to be paid for 10 minute rest breaks under the KFC National Enterprise Agreement 2020 and the Fast Food Industry Award 2020.

The KFC Class Action has been lodged because for too long KFC and KFC franchisees have not been providing their workers the breaks they are entitled to. It’s time that KFC workers get what they are owed.

Gordon Legal are proud to be working alongside the SDA. The SDA are the union for fast food employees across Australia – the second largest trade union in the country.

If you worked at KFC between 2017 and now, and did not receive all your 10 minute rest breaks when working shifts of 4 hours or more, you may have an eligible claim in the class action.

If you think you might have a claim, or want to find out more, please register your information with us. Registration is free and without obligation. We will keep your information confidential.

Am I Eligible for the Class Action?

If you have worked at a KFC store between 2017 and now;


Did not receive a 10 minute rest break for every 4 hours of continuous work, you are eligible.


  • If you worked a 4 hour shift and did not receive a 10 minute rest break – you may have a claim for compensation for one 10 minute rest break.
  • If you worked a 8 hour shift and only received a 30 minute unpaid meal break – you may have a claim for compensation for two 10 minute breaks.

Even if you are not sure if you are a potential group member, we strongly recommend that you register your interest.


Recovering compensation for KFC workers who did not get 10 minute rest breaks when working shifts of 4 hours or more.

We are claiming that:

  1. KFC and KFC Franchisees failed to provide 10 minute rest breaks that workers are legally entitled to;
  2. As a result – KFC and KFC Franchisees contravened the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth); and
  3. Compensation should be paid to KFC employees for each and every 10 minute rest break they are owed.

No. Gordon Legal is obliged to keep your information confidential once registered for the class action. You do not have to tell KFC that you have registered with us.

  • There are no upfront or out of pocket costs for group members. The SDA are contributing towards the legal costs in the KFC Rest Breaks Class Action because they know how important it is that KFC workers get what they are owed.
  • Any excess costs will be funded by Gordon Legal on a no-win no-fee basis.
  • This means that legal costs will only be charged if there is a successful outcome, such as a settlement or a judgment of the Court. If the class action is not successful, there will be no costs payable by group members.

A class action, also known as a group proceeding, is a court procedure brought by one or more individuals known as representative applicants on their own behalf and on behalf of other people who have similar claims against the same party or parties (the respondent(s)). The individuals in the wider group are known as group members.

Class actions are brought to resolve common issues of fact or law for the wider group. It is not necessary that group members have identical claims. In fact, it is to be expected that there will differences between the loss and damage suffered by each individual group member.

Class actions allow people to access justice when they otherwise would not bring an individual claim.

KFC Class Actions News


SDA joins KFC Class Action

SDA joins KFC Class Action. The SDA has today announced that it has instructed the class action law firm, Gordon Legal, to act on its behalf in a wage theft Class Action against KFC.

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